school is rly gross but

school is rly gross but

would you mind if people were to make suggestions for your fic (as in like things that will happen in it)? sorry this probably sounds REALLY stupid

i dunno! ive never been asked to add stuff before :o but sure i could try! come off anon and tell me about it?

will there be frick fracks in later chapters im aski ng for a friend i s wear

tell ur friend there will be a lot of frick fracking eventually!

Hey, No pressure or anything, but when do you think the next Earnest Things of Gossamer Kings update will be???

haha i actually wrote a little bit today!

im really not sure since school just started for me and my employment is imminent but im hoping to update in the next couple of weeks :O

thank you for your interest! ;u;


i lovingly call this one “the last thing i did with my summer vacation and proof that sony vegas shouldnt be installed on my computer”

also i made this and im only a little ashamed

i mean is it supposed to be hinted that Virus and Trip are in some sort of relationship? because im picking up little hints of it here and there but im not sure if it was intentional or not

they try to be like “we’re just friends” but its just that thing that everyone knows thats not true

are you really guys

are you really

(im going to do a filler chapter w just them at some point sO MAYBE THAT’LL MAKE MORE SENSE THAN THIS LAME ANSWER LOL)

is there alot of hinted ViTri in Earnest Things or is it just me

the answer is YES

there is a lot of ViTri B) 

thank u for noticing!!

Thank you for making such a wonderful fanfiction! Your writing is incredible and seeing a new update makes me smile. Please take all the time you need. Now I'm off to read the new chapter.

aWWWW WOW ;u; thank you so much friend!! I’ll keep updating just for nice people like yourself

i hope you like the new chap <3!

(also, i just noticed we’re both scorpios!)

fic update
sorry if this sounds stupid but will you be finishing the noicle runaway fic? sorry but im p obsessed with it atm

YEAH ive vowed that even if i start hating it i WILL finish it!

im actually posting the third chapter today sometime! no worries lil buddy :’)